Bilbao took care not to leave without a goalkeeper

Bilbao’s backup goalkeeper, Jago Erein, has signed a new contract with the club. He will remain at San Mamas until 2021. The contract includes a € 50 million redemption clause.

Since the start of the season, Erein has only 4 games in La Liga, but has been the champion in all of the league matches in the Europa League.

The Basque club bosses have been quick to ensure that the 29-year-old guard is left for the upcoming Kepa Ariesabagla separation. As is well known, the youngster is ahead of a contract with Real Madrid. So far, the deal has not yet been finalized, and the cause is a health problem discovered by the Madrid Arisabagalas, but he does not want to stay at Athletic anymore and has already refused to re-submit.