Bonucci did not intend to celebrate

Milan Leonardo Bonucci said he did not plan to rejoice if he eventually scored a goal in his former Juventus club, but the negative attitude of the “old lady” typhus has led him to change his mind. The defender managed to equalize the result and put an end to the series of 959 “dry” minutes in Serie A, but Milan lost 1: 3.

“It was definitely an emotional match for me. I was expecting the meeting to be 50:50 but the fans decided to scream and insult me, which is their right. Over the past seven years, I’ve given a lot to Juve and I’ve played more games than any other. I did not intend to express my joy if I scored naked, but the insults on the stands made me think. I was joking with my former teammates because I prevented them from improving the 979 minute record without a goal, and then I was in the squad, “said Bonucci. “We have many young players, and such derbies are important for their growth. Of course, if Hakan Chalhanoolou’s shot was in the door, instead of the beam, everything would be different. Juventus owns players like Juan Quadrado and Douglas Kosta, who can enter and turn every game. We have young and more experienced players in Milan, but we still need top-level players to get to the next level as a team, “added the defender.