Gattuso: I’m not a tactical guru, every day I try to prove myself

Milan’s coach, Gennaro Gattuso, is getting more and more courteous ratings for his job at the helm of the Rosoner. Last night he ranked the Italian Cup final after eliminating Lazio with penalties. After the Olympics drama, the former Italian midfielder praised the players’ excitement and highlighted the positives of the former mentor of Vincenzo Montetella.

“Lazio usually scores 4-5 goals at home and has one of the most successful attacks in Europe. They skillfully combine solid physics with great technique. We tried to make sure that we did not leave them a lot of free space. Both teams cast a lot of power and suffered all the time. As for Kalinic’s oversight, I think we need to work more on the players’ crunching. Everyone can make mistakes and the players know it. Nicholas has a slight muscle trauma and squeezes his teeth to get on the ground. He is a great boy and a real champion, “said Gattuso.
Gattuso: “Dobbiamo continuation, solving, tutti i problemi non sono risolti”
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– AC Milan (@ acmilan) March 1, 2018
“People hardly notice, but we already get a few goals, because we work hard and the whole team covers the empty zones. I know that sometimes I crash the training players, but the efforts are paying off in the games. We are a young team and our goal is to reach the level our fans dream of, “Gattuso continued, then paid attention to former coachman Vincenzo Montetello.

“Montella brought some very positive elements to the Milan game, for example, the good control of the ball. I want to emphasize that I am not a great coach and I’m not a tactical guru on the bench because I have not achieved anything yet. However, it should not be forgotten that I have been in the profession for five years now and I have won the title in Le Pro, as well as having gained some experience abroad. Good coaching is not done by reading textbooks but by learning your lessons after each loss. I’ve had a lot of that and I’m just gonna have it. I am happy to have been able to lead a team like Milan. This is my home and I want to stay as long as possible, “added Gattuso.