Gattuso pointed to a specific culprit for the loss

Milan’s coach, Gennaro Gattuso, was very angry after Juventus lost 1: 3. The Rossoneri played a strong game, but they did not reach their strength and in the last few minutes Juve took his own. At the press conference, the former midfielder commented on the team’s performance and criticized Hakan Chalhanoolou, who blamed the second goal in Gianluigi Donauru’s door.

“There was something like a draw with Arsenal in League Europe. We played again well, but it will not be remembered as soon as we’ve lost. The result is not real, but we must quickly overcome the disappointment and get on our feet. There is certainly room for improvement to win such games, “said Gatuzo. “I do not like that every time Chalhanoolou loses the ball, he starts to gesticulate. I do not want to see that. He stares at the ground and mumbles at his teammates instead of shaking and helping out. If he had done so, we would not have allowed the second goal, “said the coach of the Rossoneri, and his words are certainly shared by the fans of the team.

“A month ago, no one would have thought that we had a chance for the seats eligible for the Champions League. We have good players, but we can not match Juventus physically. That made the difference. I can stand before you and smile because we played well, but the truth is that I am burning in the heat. The good game is nothing if it does not lead to a good result, “Gatuzo said frankly.