Inter is ready with Ircardi’s deputy

Inter is getting closer to attracting Argentine striker Lautaro Martinez. The 20-year-old youth of the Gauchoos does not hide his desire to wear the black-and-blue team, and Racing Club president Victor Blanco admitted that the Italian Grand Prix has already been reached and the transfer will soon become a reality.

“Lautaro wants to go to Inter, and it’s important for us to make him happy. We are currently negotiating what percentage of his eventual transfer we will receive. Martinez will have a ransom clause of at least EUR 110 million, which means that Rasing can rely on a very serious income if Inter sells it, “Blanco commented.

He added that the “Nerazzurri” would pay 27m euros for the striker. According to “Clarin”, 15% of the amount will go to the player himself and his agents. Blanco also said he had the opportunity to make more money than Martinez, but he preferred to let him go to Inter. It is believed that the young man was convinced to move to the “Nerazzur” by Javier Sanetti and Diego Milito. Sporting director Piero Ausillio, for several days, was in Argentina to arrange the details of the deal.

A few months ago Martinez was considered a new addition to Atletico Madrid. However, the “Duschekchiite” gave up on it after they managed to get Diego Kostha back. Valencia and Real Madrid were also interested in the Argentine. In Inter, he could replace compatriot Mauro Icardi, who is likely to take on Santiago Bernabeu in the summer.