Juventus ready to part with the Iguaine

Juventus is ready to part with the assailant Gonzalo Iguaine in the summer. The club is willing to sell the Argentine if they receive a bid of € 50 million, says Sport Media. According to the publication, Juve must sell some of his stars to keep others like Paulo Dibala, and apparently Iguaine will be sacrificed for this purpose.

Iguaine was attracted to Napoley for the sum of 90 million euros two years ago in the hope of bringing the club to triumph in Europe. The Argentine has scored 55 goals in the last two seasons but has failed to shine in the most important matches with his former Real Madrid club both in the Champions League final last season and in this year’s 1/4 final between the two teams . The age of the footballer, who will soon be 31 years old, is also irrelevant.

The most likely next destination for Iguaine is expected to be Paris Saint-Germain. The French champion looks for a potential substitute for Essonne Cavani, who is linked to a transfer to Atletico Madrid. It is assumed that the Argentine will also be interested in several Premier League teams that can afford his financial claims.