Oddly: Real Madrid is better as a guest

After winning 2: 1 as a guest of Malaga Real Madrid, it became the only team in Primera Division in the season with a better balance as a guest than a host. Zinedine Zidane’s boys have won 34 away from their home in 16 games, and Santiago Bernabeu has less than the same number of matches.

Surely, a big part of their deficit against Barcelona is due to the hesitating performance as hosts – 10 wins, but three draws (against Valencia, Levante and Atletico Madrid) and losses (against Bettis, Barça and Villarreal). In Madrid, Madrid has 10 successes but 4 draws (Atletico, Athletic Bilbao, Celta and Levante) and 2 defeats (Girona and Espanyol).

Similar is the situation in the Spanish Cup and the Champions League, where the Royal Club failed to beat its home games against Fuenlabrada, Nuumannia and Leganes, as well as Tottenham and Juventus.

Barcelona (44), Atletico (40) and Valencia (38) have a bigger asset than Real at their stadiums, while during the tournament, only Ernesto Valverde’s team outperforms them.