Poland and Italy

Poland and Italy are going toe to toe on Sunday in Gdansk. These two great teams will face each other in a match from League A’s Group 1 of the Nations League. Let’s preview it in our soccer betting winning tips.

Italy are leaders in this group at the moment, but their advantage is really thin at the moment. The Azzurri are just one point ahead of Netherlands and Poland, so you can see why it’s still too early to talk about favourites and stuff like this. A lot of things could change in this group in the remaining games until the end.

For Poland it’s a clear goal here – to win and move to one of the first two places in the group. They are probably not the favourites against Italy, but they are strong enough to beat any team, especially at home. We are sure about this.

During the week Poland showed us how strong they are once again. Even without the star man Robert Lewandowski, Poland crushed Finland with 5-1 in a friendly game. It was an impressive performance.

Italy will try to keep the first place in the group, of course. The Azzurri are leaders and they would like to remain leaders. That’s why they need the win in Gdansk.

During the week Roberto Mancini’s team offered a pure goal fiesta for their fans. Italy faced Moldova in a friendly game and achieved a spectacular 6-0 win. The level of the opposition was not very high, of course, but it’s still impressive to see a team scoring six goals.

These are our soccer betting winning tips for the Nations League match between Poland and Italy on Sunday. We have a feeling we will see a really competitive game here. Are we going to be right about it? We shall wait and see.