Roma left with a painful victory from Sardinia

The Roma team recorded a minimal but very important 1: 0 win in their Cagliari tour of the 36th round in the A Series. Denggiz Junger scored the only hit for Wolves in the 15th minute, but it was enough. The hosts had the chance to get at least to the draw but showed a hitch in the ending phase.

The meeting started well for the guests who in the 15th minute led to the result after a moment of genius by Uderder. The Turk caught the ball in the penalty area, flipping a defender and surprisingly shooting the ground to the far corner of the door and the ball tangled in the net for 0: 1.

Two minutes later, Alexander Kolarov made a dangerous jerk, crossing the door.

Gradually, however, Cagliari raised his head and missed two great opportunities. In the 33rd minute, Leonardo Pavouletes was found in the goal field with a center on the ground, but the striker’s shot was too weak and right in Alison’s hands. Three minutes later, Bruno Perez had a bit of an own goal, reacting poorly at a sharp centering, but again the Brazilian guard stepped brilliantly and kept his door.

At the start of the second half the hosts missed their best chance. Diego Farias looked in the eye with Alison, but instead of pointing, he took the ball very badly and she escaped him at the most important moment.

In the 72nd minute came the most controversial situation in the game. Again Pharias broke at speed and was stabbed in his back by Kolarov, but instead of the Serb being expelled, the judge ruled a corner. There were a lot of arguments from the hosts, but the referee did not decide to review the video but the situation, but instead showed a yellow card to Arthur Ionica.

In the 84th minute, Marco Saw missed a great opportunity to scratch, and Alicson was the last barrier to the goal, blocking the striker’s strike.

Still, Roma retained the victory and with a score of 73 points came third in the standings. Cagliari remains in the danger zone in the 18th position with 33 points.