Sevilla moved away Real Madrid from second place

Sevilla beat home Real Madrid 3-2 in the last game of the 34th round of the Primera Division. The Madrid guests played with a lot of reserves, with Cristiano Ronaldo’s big absent. After the loss Real Madrid remained with 72 points and three rounds before the end lags to 3 of the second Atletico Madrid. Sevilla picked up 54 and went seventh, and with success tonight, the Andalusians interrupted the nine-game series without a win.

The result of Ramon Sanchez Pichuan was found by Wisam Ben Yeder in the 25th minute when a lightning attack was completed, and Luis Muriel came in as assistant. At the end of the half-time, the Andalusians reached a second goal after Launcour recorded. In the 84th minute, the lead of Sergio Ramos, who had previously missed a penalty, was swollen. Four before the end of the regular time, Real managed to win a goal through Borja Mayoral and in the added time Sergio Ramos managed to scratch a penalty kick for a ballless ball against a Real Madrid player.

¬°Once against him @SevillaFC! #RMMovistar #HalaMadrid ONCE del #SevillaFC ante el @ realmadrid # vamosmisevilla #SevillaFCRealMadrid The duel began with a very active game of both teams, as in the second minute Marco Asencio brought Lucas Vasquez in a good position at the door of Sevilla, but Real’s footballer was ambushed. Real’s pressure grew stronger, and twice Madrid’s players were allowed to perform static positions in comfortable positions but did not find the door. Sevilla managed to equalize the game and hit the door by Franco Vasquez and Ben Yeder. Real continued to push the opponent, and in the 14th minute Cassemiro’s shot from a foul found the lower corner of the door, but Soria saved. A minute later, Kovacic brought Karim Benzema splendidly behind the defense, but the Frenchman was ambushed. In the 18th minute Marco Asensio fired a dangerous blow with his right foot but the ball went to the left.
Sevilla – Real Madrid + 19

Real attackers continued to miss, and their lack of concentration in front of the goal was penalized by Sevilla in the 25th minute. After a quick counter, the ball hit Luis Muriel, who headed it into the penalty area to the impending Ben Yeder. Sergio Ramos was late with the interference, and so the home striker was able to strike under Casio’s scoreboard and find the result. The goal gave Sevilla self-confidence, with hosts’ attacks becoming more dangerous, and in the 32nd minute Clemann Langley was close to the second goal.

It almost fell in the 42nd when the ball was dangerously aimed at the empty door, but Nako Fernandez managed to clear it almost at the last minute. At the very end of the first half Sevilla reached a second goal. Real’s footballers could not get the ball, she was quickly back in their field, where she was heading to Steven Nonsi, who managed to pass to the right-of-the-way Miguel Lavian, who for the second time stretched the net behind Casia.

The guests started off in the first minute of the second half, and in the 47th minute Lucas Vasquez fired hard, but only a bit did not reach the ball to enter the door. In the 55th minute Sergio Ramos fired a foul, but did not find the door.

Two minutes later, Real Madrid missed an opportunity to reduce after being allowed a penalty shoot-out against Lucas Vasquez. Sergio Ramos, whose shot hit the crossbar and returned to the field, took a shot, and the result was retained. In the following attack, Real could get a third goal, but once again the defensive intervention of a defender in blue proved resolute after Muriel’s strike.

The third goal in the Real’s goal came in the 83rd minute when Sergio Ramos scored an own goal. The Madridians managed to get back one shot in the 86th when Borha Mayoral managed to scramble with a head to the goal. In the added time, the referee gave a second penalty to Real for a ball-free kick against a player who had this time been made by Ramos, but for no more time.