Smolov said yes to West Ham

Russian national Fedor Smolov has agreed to go to West Ham, informs Sky Sports. The Hammers will pay 17m euros to Krasnodar to get the 27-year-old striker’s signature.

As early as December, Krasodar’s coach Igor Shalimov admitted he was expecting Mr Smolov to go to England and the club had to look for his deputy. However, Zenith also came up with a bid for the bullfighting champion who hesitated to continue his career. Smolov has a total of 59 goals in 90 games for “bulls” and 11 hits in 28 fights for Russia. At the end of last year he scored twice in the control of Spain (3: 3).

West Ham is in 15th place in the Premier League, with Marco Arnautovich with 5 goals.