Team mates praised Coutinho after his debut

Philippe Coutinho was overcrowded with wishes for a glamorous future in Barcelona by coach Ernesto Valverde and his new teammates after playing their first minutes last night. Barcelona defeated Espanyol by 2: 0 and continued into the semi-finals of the Spanish Cup.

Coutinho is club number one in Barcelona, ​​with £ 142 million paid. Coutinho replaced Iniesta in the 68th minute and was warmly welcomed by Camp Nou fans. He failed to write, but offered the audience the magic of the Brazilian technicians, which is particularly valued in Barca. He gave Luis Suarez a great pass for third goal, but goalkeeper Pau Lopez made an incredible rescue and prevented the goal.

“When he’s around the penal field, you immediately feel that there is a danger to the opponent, his dribbling qualities and his look at the pass will help us a lot, it was not an easy match for us as a team but I think this is a good start, we will see what will happen next, Valverde said on the first minutes of the new addition. “Cootino grew very fast and adapts surprisingly easily to Barcelona. His qualities are out of doubt and is definitely very useful to us, said the Barcelona legend Andres Iniesta.