UEFA is preparing a hard hit on Diego Simeone

Atletico’s coach, Diego Simeone, may have a very heavy penalty for his aggressive behavior during the Arsenal (1: 1) match in the Europa League semifinals. UEFA has begun an investigation into the case and the AS newspaper predicts that the Argentine is likely to be penalized not to lead its team for 5 games, not 3 as expected.

According to the publication, Simeone will be disqualified for 3 matches due to insults directed at Referee Clemán Tirpene, but it is possible to add to his penalty two more matches because he kept in touch with the people from his headquarters after he was already expelled from Referee. Atletico’s coach was furious that Thurphen chased defender Shime Vursalco in the 10th minute, and shortly after, he showed no yellow card to Arceall’s Ektor Belerin for an identical violation of what Vursalko received a second official warning.

The final decision on Simeone’s sanction, which is now 48 years old, will be taken on May 4th. He will certainly not be close to touching Arsenal a day earlier.